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conceit - Dictionary definition and meaning for word conceit

(noun) feelings of excessive pride
Synonyms : amour propre , self-love , vanity

(noun) an elaborate poetic image or a far-fetched comparison of very dissimilar things
(noun) a witty or ingenious turn of phrase
Example Sentence
  • he could always come up with some inspired off-the-wall conceit

(noun) an artistic device or effect
Example Sentence
  • the architect's brilliant conceit was to build the house around the tree

(noun) the trait of being unduly vain and conceited; false pride
Synonyms : conceitedness , vanity

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for conceit

kaun(con)+ ceit(seat) . person who asks who sat on my seat is arrogant!
17       2

by ss81089

kaunsi site hack karu?? conceit excessive self pride..
10       20

by iet.saket@gmail.com

if a poor beggar is sitting somewhere ... u say kon (CON) - bethega(CEIT) idhar...
4       8

by vedantb

a conceited person CONCEALS more information then asked for..i.e. he keeps on bragging
3       8

by sridif

kaunsi(CON-)seat(-CEIT)self love and vanity like political leaders for their assembly seats.
3       0

by cheatercop

conceit- conceived pride(or a pride which is over-assumed)
2       5

by maddy232323

when from concePt you remove P and add I where I stands for egoistic it becomes conceIt
2       3

by everlasting.puneet

when from concePt you remove P and add I where I stands for egoistic it becomes conceIt
0       3

by everlasting.puneet

self-esteem, vanity, egotism, compla
0       2

by victoryvijay003

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