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exiguous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word exiguous

(adj) extremely scanty
Example Sentence
  • an exiguous budget

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for exiguous

exe+go+us: Very small people go to us in exe class.
28       3

by gre_10

"exit juice". juice is exitin from the glass through a SMALL hole :P
18       30

by manishrana50

Exiguous means the opposite of Prodigious. Note the prefixes Ex- and Pro- which are also opposites.
10       1

by dshefman

judges told us to exit(exi)the dance competition nd host also told us to go(guo ...us)..so we exitd d sho leavin small no. of competitors .. i.e exiguous -> exit + go + us
4       10

by lovedeepsingh

exiguous: due to deforestation...fauna got disappearing...so as EXtremely small no ZOO.. EX+ZOO
2       37

by prince garg23

exi - extra + guous (uga hua) - extra uga hua.. extra ugahua to kam hi hota hia na
2       8

by anshul.arb

AXE+GUous....If you cut your GU(shit) with axe, you will require very SMALL amount of force....
2       2

by nileshdive

"You cannot solve an EXIGent problem with EXIGUOUS resources."
2       0

by dshefman

exi(EXIT)+guo(GO)+us………On our EXIT from competition judges told US to GO as they were not satisfied from our SHORT performance lasting for only a SMALL AMOUNT OF time
1       3

by lebshah

EXIGUOUS(igzi'gyuus); Sounds like a combination of EXIT(Igzi-) JUICE(gyuus). EXIT JUICE could be looked upon as the bottom/remainder of a glass or carton of juice which is scanty when compared to the initial or original quantity.
1       0

by cheeseqo

EXIGUOUS -> EXtremely + egrEGiOUS...an EXtremely egrEGiOUS ciminal receives VERY LITTLE sympathy.
1       0

by dshefman

EX+IGUOUS- EXeedingly little which could be IGnored
1       0

by vijeta

Exiguous = Exit + go + us; Very few people wants to exit the occasion & come with us at the temple.
1       0

by shaktipada

Extremely Ambiguous because of being too small to give more information
1       0

by melancholica

ones whoes whole wealth, property etc is exi(exit)guous(gayi...he lost)
0       4

by userdce

Sounds like "Exigency" urgent situation we face scarcity of money.Meager
0       4

by animator

0       4

by aman_ali_786

Sounds like please-give-us what ever small amount you can.
0       0

by paw1

exiguous is opposite to excess.... excess is the key word coz exiguous is its antonym
0       0

by dipu

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