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mire - Dictionary definition and meaning for word mire

(noun) a soft wet area of low-lying land that sinks underfoot
Synonyms : morass , quag , quagmire , slack

(noun) deep soft mud in water or slush
Synonyms : slop
Example Sentence
  • they waded through the slop

(noun) a difficulty or embarrassment that is hard to extricate yourself from
Example Sentence
  • the country is still trying to climb out of the mire left by its previous president
  • caught in the mire of poverty

(verb) entrap
Synonyms : entangle
Example Sentence
  • Our people should not be mired in the past

(verb) cause to get stuck as if in a mire
Synonyms : bog down
Example Sentence
  • The mud mired our cart

(verb) be unable to move further
Example Sentence
  • The car bogged down in the sand

(verb) soil with mud, muck, or mire
Synonyms : muck , muck up , mud
Example Sentence
  • The child mucked up his shirt while playing ball in the garden

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mire

Muddy Tyre might help us recall the meaning of Mire.
42       5

by saikiran

It sounds like wire, imagine if there is a stack of wires, it will surely get entangled
27       4

by manojative

11       10

by mon_m

mire is mayiru in tamil.. which means hair and is all entangled!!
5       3

by deepster89

"admire" is to praise etc. whereas mire is the opposite i.e.slinging mud on someone
4       0

by mohanster

I to my gf.."array dont just ADMIRE the scenes of the jungle ....dont u realise that our jeep has got stuck in a MIRE.....foolish girl must say...........................:D
3       1

by verbal800

2       1

by friendofafriend

mire.in hindi MITTI(CLAY,MUD).myre MITTI bhara land or area.
0       0

by gdabli

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