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subterfuge - Dictionary definition and meaning for word subterfuge

(noun) something intended to misrepresent the true nature of an activity
Synonyms : blind
Example Sentence
  • he wasn't sick--it was just a subterfuge
  • the holding company was just a blind

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for subterfuge

subterfuge: 'sub taraf fuse', if you see electrical fuses everywhere its certainly a misrepresentation, and not the true nature of connections
37       13

by bugmenot

subterfuge -> sab ko fool.. i.e fooling everyone..
15       7

by deepster89

fuge means to emit, as in centrifuge. sub (internally) + ter (terrible) + fuge (throw out) i.e., internally terrible but externally not.
5       31

by garrulous

Shob tar fuse - ami je current er tar gula kinsi tar shob tai fuse -> cheat, false
5       0

by barek2k2

sub(in hindi 'all')+r(e)fugee....sub log(ppl.)PRETENDED as if they were refugees
4       14

by imajeeth

it can be sab(hindi)+te+refuse ....means k sab mana karne k liye bahane banane lage...
4       7

by guswidgutts

subterfuge -> sattar (70) fools so easy to fool to blind.. mu hahaha
3       4

by rishib1988

SUBTERFUGE = SUBMARINE. SUBMARINES are used to deceive the enemy.
3       4

by dshefman

In Latin subter-'beneath' and fuge- 'flee' so subterfuge is to escape secretly without alerting others and thus deceiving others.
1       0

by vssanchita

She SUBbed TURkey (ter), which I'm allergic to, for my USual (uge) ham to deceptively get me sick.
0       3

by KOGrad

sub-ter-fuge : under cover "Err"ant refuge - evasion or pretense
0       4

by shalnew

sub(inner side) can differ(misrepresenting) from the original (0uter side) of human
0       0

by uday106

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