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Short Definition : object used in making a determination at random; fate; piece of land

(noun) (often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent
Example Sentence
  • a batch of letters
  • a deal of trouble
  • a lot of money
  • he made a mint on the stock market
  • see the rest of the winners in our huge passel of photos
  • it must have cost plenty
  • a slew of journalists
  • a wad of money

(noun) a parcel of land having fixed boundaries
Example Sentence
  • he bought a lot on the lake

(noun) an unofficial association of people or groups
Synonyms : band , circle , set
Example Sentence
  • the smart set goes there
  • they were an angry lot

(noun) your overall circumstances or condition in life (including everything that happens to you)
Synonyms : circumstances , destiny , fate , fortune , luck , portion
Example Sentence
  • whatever my fortune may be
  • deserved a better fate
  • has a happy lot
  • the luck of the Irish
  • a victim of circumstances
  • success that was her portion

(noun) anything (straws or pebbles etc.) taken or chosen at random
Synonyms : draw
Example Sentence
  • the luck of the draw
  • they drew lots for it

(noun) any collection in its entirety
Synonyms : bunch , caboodle
Example Sentence
  • she bought the whole caboodle

(noun) (Old Testament) nephew of Abraham; God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah but chose to spare Lot and his family who were told to flee without looking back at the destruction
(verb) divide into lots, as of land, for example
(verb) administer or bestow, as in small portions
Example Sentence
  • administer critical remarks to everyone present
  • dole out some money
  • shell out pocket money for the children
  • deal a blow to someone
  • the machine dispenses soft drinks


Short Definition : contest in which winners are selected in a drawing of lots

(noun) something that is regarded as a chance event
Example Sentence
  • the election was just a lottery to them

(noun) players buy (or are given) chances and prizes are distributed by casting lots
Synonyms : drawing


Short Definition : stand, sit, or lie in a lazy, relaxed way

(noun) an upholstered seat for more than one person
Synonyms : couch , sofa

(noun) a room (as in a hotel or airport) with seating where people can wait
Synonyms : waiting area , waiting room

(verb) sit or recline comfortably
Example Sentence
  • He was lounging on the sofa

(verb) be about
Example Sentence
  • The high school students like to loiter in the Central Square
  • Who is this man that is hanging around the department?

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for lounge

people wear 'loungy' to be able to sit or stand in a relaxed way.
1       1

by amit251285

when at airport we go into a lounge to pass our time
1       0

by friendofafriend


Short Definition : clumsy person; ADJ. loutish; CF. from countrysides ?

(noun) an awkward stupid person
Synonyms : clod , gawk , goon , lubber , lummox , lump , oaf , stumblebum

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for lout

lout => loud, a clumsy person is usually very loud, and remember empty vessel sound much.
20       18

by 1.6k

reminds u of stout(euphemism for fat)..And stout ppl r generally clumsy
3       5

by ratiocine

lout=laugh out....a person who Laughs OUT loudly for petty jokes(instead of just smiling) definitely an awkward,clumsy person to be with..synonyms barbarian=bufoon=bear=dolt=cad=oaf=lout ..:)
3       2

by verbal800

clout - c= person without clout(influence)is clumsy.
2       3

by avinayak

L+out, out of life, absent mindedness or stupid person
1       2

by animator

people who believe in 'loot'(robbery) behave loutishly.
0       14

by amit251285

lout person will get clout.. (blow with a fist)
0       2

by arshnagpal


Short Definition : moo; make the sound of a cow

(noun) an air mass of lower pressure; often brings precipitation
Synonyms : depression
Example Sentence
  • a low moved in over night bringing sleet and snow

(noun) British political cartoonist (born in New Zealand) who created the character Colonel Blimp (1891-1963)
(noun) a low level or position or degree
Example Sentence
  • the stock market fell to a new low

(noun) the lowest forward gear ratio in the gear box of a motor vehicle; used to start a car moving
Synonyms : first , first gear , low gear

(verb) make a low noise, characteristic of bovines
Synonyms : moo

(adj) less than normal in degree or intensity or amount
Example Sentence
  • low prices
  • the reservoir is low

(adj) literal meanings; being at or having a relatively small elevation or upward extension
Example Sentence
  • low ceilings
  • low clouds
  • low hills
  • the sun is low
  • low furniture
  • a low bow

(adj) very low in volume
Synonyms : low-toned
Example Sentence
  • a low murmur
  • the low-toned murmur of the surf

(adj) unrefined in character
Example Sentence
  • low comedy

(adj) used of sounds and voices; low in pitch or frequency
Synonyms : low-pitched

(adj) of the most contemptible kind
Synonyms : abject , low-down , miserable , scummy , scurvy
Example Sentence
  • abject cowardice
  • a low stunt to pull
  • a low-down sneak
  • his miserable treatment of his family
  • You miserable skunk!
  • a scummy rabble
  • a scurvy trick

(adj) low or inferior in station or quality
Synonyms : humble , lowly , modest , small
Example Sentence
  • a humble cottage
  • a lowly parish priest
  • a modest man of the people
  • small beginnings

(adj) no longer sufficient
Synonyms : depleted
Example Sentence
  • supplies are low
  • our funds are depleted

(adj) subdued or brought low in condition or status
Synonyms : broken , crushed , humbled , humiliated
Example Sentence
  • brought low
  • a broken man
  • his broken spirit

(adj) filled with melancholy and despondency
Example Sentence
  • gloomy at the thought of what he had to face
  • gloomy predictions
  • a gloomy silence
  • took a grim view of the economy
  • the darkening mood
  • lonely and blue in a strange city
  • depressed by the loss of his job
  • a dispirited and resigned expression on her face
  • downcast after his defeat
  • feeling discouraged and downhearted

(adv) in a low position; near the ground
Example Sentence
  • the branches hung low

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for low

low.. cow .. moooooo!
7       3

by namaskar


Short Definition : apply a lubricant to; N. lubricant: substance that reduces friction

(verb) have lubricating properties
Example Sentence
  • the liquid in this can lubricates well

(verb) apply a lubricant to
Synonyms : lube
Example Sentence
  • lubricate my car

(verb) make slippery or smooth through the application of a lubricant
Example Sentence
  • lubricate the key

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