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Short Definition : work (esp. musical composition); Ex. magnum opus: masterpiece; CF. opera

(noun) a musical work that has been created
Example Sentence
  • the composition is written in four movements

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for opus

OPUS remember an octopus working on a musical instrument like piano
18       7

by crazylooks

A Roman Catholic organisation named OPUS DEI which means "WORK" OF GOD
5       4

by fabregas

opus exactly means work related to music (Barron's) Remember Octopus=oct+opus (8 hands) hands are used for working. Opus means work. This is the root of word opus.
4       0

by itgulpp

Opus sounds like office, where we WORK
2       0

by uttarasn

something like opera?
1       3

by friendofafriend

Remember Magnum Opus in tranformers he does alot of work to save the world
1       0

by viraj_sjs

This is our song - a musical composition OP US
0       0

by sushi


Short Definition : of an oracle; prophetic; uttered as if with divine authority; mysterious or ambiguous; hard to understand; N. oracle: wiser person; prophecy made by an oracle

(adj) of or relating to an oracle
Example Sentence
  • able by oracular means to expose a witch

(adj) obscurely prophetic
Synonyms : delphic
Example Sentence
  • Delphic pronouncements
  • an oracular message

(adj) resembling an oracle in obscurity of thought
Synonyms : enigmatic
Example Sentence
  • the oracular sayings of Victorian poets
  • so enigmatic that priests might have to clarify it
  • an enigmatic smile

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for oracular

In the Matrix...the Oracle(old woman character ) prophesises that Neo is "the one"
16       6

by wingdeng

oracle language is ambigous with lot of confusions
8       3

by crazylooks

It rhymes with BINOCULARS, we use binoculars when something is hard to see and we call something ORACULAR when it is hard to interpret....
5       0

by bugmenot

think oracle as miracle,,,,,,,,,,,,
1       2

by nusrat abedin

oracular -> oracle command or revelation from God of DB
1       0

by sansecretcp

Orcale Database: It is mysterious with many hidden shortcuts and database is preferred to remove ambiguity compared to simple files. Oracle is also the authority of DB ( The most selling DB)
0       0

by helloworld5


Short Definition : public speaker

(noun) a person who delivers a speech or oration
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for orator

orator sounds like obama senator , so a senator is a public speaker
8       2

by bhavanasrini

4       2

by mahaveerjain

to get a job of operator u must be good in public speaking
2       2

by friendofafriend

official narrator
1       1

by swap.kamble


Short Definition : dramatic poem set to music; long musical work with singing but without acting; CF. cantata

(noun) a musical composition for voices and orchestra based on a religious text
Synonyms : cantata

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for oratorio

orator is public speaker. oratorio is the same speaker turning his work into music
15       1

by friendofafriend

think of an old melody ( english) with violin and long " oooooooooooooo" sound. the word starts and ends with O. OOOratoriOOOOO means music or song without acting
7       8

by arulmozhi

orator + aria(operatic solo)
1       1

by Vocatone

when the ORATOR goes to RIO(Rio is the place where huge carnivals are held etc...)..he turns ORATORIO
1       0

by phalgun007

Oratario: verisimilar to Orator who give speech so oratario is like that but its "musical poem" not speech.
0       0

by gaudy

orator + rio >>orator is public speaker. and in RIO movie birds sing poems and songs so oratorio is the same speaker turning his work into music
0       0

by RajeshBorkar

ora+torio-> singing loudly in auditorium
0       0

by sansecretcp


Short Definition : decree or command; grant holy orders; predestine; install as a minister, priest, or rabbi; N. ordainment; CF. ordination

(verb) order by virtue of superior authority; decree
Synonyms : enact
Example Sentence
  • The King ordained the persecution and expulsion of the Jews
  • the legislature enacted this law in 1985

(verb) appoint to a clerical posts
Synonyms : consecrate , order , ordinate
Example Sentence
  • he was ordained in the Church

(verb) invest with ministerial or priestly authority
Example Sentence
  • The minister was ordained only last month

(verb) issue an order
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ordain

ORD + A + IN = ORDer A person to come IN
29       0

by findktk

since its a holy order.. ordain = order by saints..
5       3

by muffisoni

order dein..
1       0

by RajeshBorkar


Short Definition : severe trial or affliction; difficult experience; trial(test of patience or endurance); affliction

(noun) a severe or trying experience
(noun) a primitive method of determining a person's guilt or innocence by subjecting the accused person to dangerous or painful tests believed to be under divine control; escape was usually taken as a sign of innocence
Synonyms : trial by ordeal

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ordeal

30       7

by preetisoni2411

6       4

by shyamb85

Koi aur deal karo yaar is se he is ORDEAL to handle
2       1

by bugmenot

whenever you see or hear "ordeal" think of ur exams(hihi)
1       6

by cvshinto

or deal - delivering 10 pizza in 10 min.A painful or horrific experience
1       0

by sansecretcp

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