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Short Definition : nearness; ADJ. proximate

(noun) the property of being close together
Synonyms : propinquity

(noun) the region close around a person or thing
(noun) a Gestalt principle of organization holding that (other things being equal) objects or events that are near to one another (in space or time) are perceived as belonging together as a unit
Synonyms : law of proximity

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for proximity

remember approximate (close to result) ap(to towards)+ proximity (close)..
6       0

by nachi

2       2

by panacea

proxim root word meaning closeness,nearness. it is also found in word approximate that is closest value
1       0

by sagardoshi63


Short Definition : authorized agent; authority to act for another

(noun) a person authorized to act for another
Synonyms : placeholder , procurator

(noun) a power of attorney document given by shareholders of a corporation authorizing a specific vote on their behalf at a corporate meeting
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for proxy

heard of proxy servers? ..they act for other servers, to connect us to the desired website...
3       0

by Thisisnotme

sorry, i have made a wrong analogy before...proxy servers act as a proxy for connecting to the websites we need..they act as proxies for the desired websites(not servers)
2       0

by Thisisnotme


Short Definition : excessively modest or proper person (who is easily shocked by improper things, esp. of a sexual nature); N. prudery; ADJ. prudish: excessively concerned with propriety

(noun) a person excessively concerned about propriety and decorum
Synonyms : puritan

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for prude

Can be thought as an antonym of CRUDE. Also, when crude oil is refined we get PURE oil and hence it can be called PURITAN also.
19       3

by aajains

p+rude -> jo peekar rude ho jaaye but he is actually not rude but prude
5       7

by cp.jethani

a person who is easily shocked by rude things esp those of sexual type
4       7

by crystal

p+rude....Phelay RUDE tha , ab bahut PRUDE hogaya hai...kaisay?...malum nahi.............:D
3       1

by verbal800

p+rude=rude because he is a excessively moderate and proper.
0       0



Short Definition : cautious; careful; prudential

(adj) careful and sensible; marked by sound judgment
Example Sentence
  • a prudent manager
  • prudent rulers
  • prudent hesitation
  • more prudent to hide than to fight

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for prudent

sounds like president; a president is always a wise or just person
19       3

by grewal.kanwal

we all know ICICI Prudential insurance.. so we can think of thoughtful decision taken by having a insurance policy...
17       2

by enigmatic.lucifer

germs are careful (prudent) of pepsodent(tooth paste)
7       18

by amitarora

sounds like student who should always be cautious about assignments and projects.
2       6

by cp.jethani

Prude people are very prudent .. They do not want to sound offensive to anybody ..
2       2

by rahularoradce

A student who is prudent will always be successful.
1       10

by pushpa_edit

prudent sound like pepsodent toothpaste which protect teeth carefully
1       5

by gaurav025tyagi

prudent sounds like "proud student".... so very wise and caefull
1       0

by sakshigupta

prudent toothpaste carefully protects the teeth
0       5

by bhargavipsk

prudential sound like credential so when u give ur credential to anyone ur very cautious and careful...
0       0

by nachi

pepsodant- sensible toothbrush
0       0

by GRE prep

prudent-you must choose pepsodent as a toothpaste because your teeths are sensible and u must be careful
0       0

by santosh pokhrel

we need a prudent President. _ i.e. someone who show care and thought for our future
0       0

by gagandeep1


Short Definition : cut away; trim

(noun) dried plum
(verb) cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of
Synonyms : clip , crop , cut back , dress , lop , snip , trim
Example Sentence
  • dress the plants in the garden

(verb) weed out unwanted or unnecessary things
Synonyms : cut , rationalise , rationalize
Example Sentence
  • We had to lose weight, so we cut the sugar from our diet

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for prune

Rhymes with SALOON, where barber CUT(TRIM) our hair...
6       18

by rajeevakarv

prone to a cut
3       13

by vinaynitrkl

prune >> pony Girls have a pony because they cant cut their hair
2       6

by machpatel


Short Definition : having or causing lustful desires and thoughts; arousing immoderate sexual desire

(adj) characterized by lust
Synonyms : lubricious , lustful , salacious
Example Sentence
  • eluding the lubricious embraces of her employer
  • her sensuous grace roused his lustful nature
  • prurient literature
  • prurient thoughts
  • a salacious rooster of a little man

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for prurient

pure i aint
21       0

by GsRuEk_s27

Prurient--Pure??I am not (ent). pure-eh??-nt
12       8

by rakei

opposite of being prude
6       13

by namaskar

Puri the ENT doc is more interested in his female patient's boobs .. His eyes always show his lust ..
4       3

by rahularoradce

poori ant = i will have sex with poori ant. just to learn the word....
2       3

by friendofafriend

bayezid is a prurient
1       8

by shahan

having not PURE thoughts...lustful thoughts
1       1

by bluemoon.sri

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