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Short Definition : commotion of a great crowd; riot; noise; uproar; ADJ. tumultuous: noisy and disorderly

(noun) a state of commotion and noise and confusion
Synonyms : garboil , tumultuousness , uproar

(noun) violent agitation
Synonyms : turmoil

(noun) the act of making a noisy disturbance
Synonyms : commotion , din , ruckus , ruction , rumpus

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tumult

tu+mu = tu tu main main
26       16

by 1.6k

the word can be broken into TWO+MULK mulk is a group..we often see that there is a commotion,riot b/w two mulks
5       4

by viveksa7

sounds like turmoil - disturbance
3       8

by lord_slayer

TUMULT or TUMULTUOUS and TEMPESTUOUS have the same sound and meaning i.e great confusion or disorder.
2       18

by pushpa_edit

tumult , tumour a disease which is about to bring end to your life thus which creates confusion in your mind about wellbeing your parents in the future
1       1

by santosh pokhrel

Sounds like tumble. One can imagine that in a tumble there would be a tumult.
1       1

by heater


Short Definition : rolling treeless plain in Siberia and arctic North America

(noun) a vast treeless plain in the Arctic regions where the subsoil is permanently frozen
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tundra

TUNDRA is a region like the SAVANNA, Pampas, Prairies etc.
1       14

by pushpa_edit

tundra - a region where there is lot of 'thund' meaning cold in hindi
0       1

by shalnew


Short Definition : (of a liquid) having the sediment disturbed; muddy; thick

(adj) (of liquids) clouded as with sediment
Synonyms : cloudy , mirky , muddy , murky
Example Sentence
  • a cloudy liquid
  • muddy coffee
  • murky waters

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for turbid

T+URBID(urban) we can see that the urban areas are still muddy.. and disturbed sediment.
10       19

by keyurpatel87

When you walk into a lake and the water is disTURBeD, the water becomes TURBID
7       5

by dshefman

TURBID=TURBINE. The TURBINES on a boat can churn up the water and make it TURBID and murky.
6       2

by dshefman

TURBID sounds as in "WATERBED"...When WATERBED is disturbed..the water automatically becomes muddy ;)
2       7

by nikhilsuhas

might have heard the word turbidity in chemistry..
2       1

by ritu1018

You experience TURBulance when you are on in a plane going through CLOUDY areas
1       0

by jasonmuzzillo

turbid== turbulence in the bed. disturbance in the bed of sea or water container creates muddy liquid by disturbing the sediments
1       0

by wordsmania

tainted water bed
1       0

by vocabIsFun

TURBID and CLOUDED are rhyming words defining the same meaning i.e something unclear or muddy.
0       11

by pushpa_edit

turbid: The water in turbine is very muddy
0       0

by saujan

0       0

by Riad Explore


Short Definition : state of violent agitation; ADJ. turbulent: violently agitated or disturbed

(noun) unstable flow of a liquid or gas
Synonyms : turbulency

(noun) instability in the atmosphere
(noun) a state of violent disturbance and disorder (as in politics or social conditions generally)
Synonyms : sturm und drang , upheaval
Example Sentence
  • the industrial revolution was a period of great turbulence

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for turbulence

7       2

by pvnpras

TURBULENCE and DISTURBANCE are similar sounding words having the same meaning - great commotion.
2       3

by pushpa_edit

when someone trouble(TURBU) you, you gets DISTURBED sounds like ambulance, its siren causes DISTURBANCE and causes DISORDER on road as vehicles gives passage to ambulance
1       0

by nikhilparasher


Short Definition : deep dish for serving soup

(noun) large deep serving dish with a cover; for serving soups and stews
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tureen

It can be broken as Tureen = Tarri + In TARRI is famous hindi slang for spicy curry. IN means isnide. So where we put TARRI. Which is nothing but bowl.
17       10

by daffodils

A TUREEN (a deep covered dish) is a BASIN (dish) from which soup is served.
3       12

by pushpa_edit

TUREEN:TUREE+EN:MEANS CURRY IN.Curry is always served in a dish
2       0

by tapobratabag

epicure (coneissure of food) is close to tureen (vessel to serve food)
0       9

by friendofafriend


Short Definition : swollen; distended (as from liquid)

(adj) ostentatiously lofty in style
Synonyms : bombastic , declamatory , large , orotund , tumid
Example Sentence
  • a man given to large talk
  • tumid political prose

(adj) abnormally distended especially by fluids or gas
Synonyms : intumescent , puffy , tumescent , tumid
Example Sentence
  • hungry children with bloated stomachs
  • he had a grossly distended stomach
  • eyes with puffed (or puffy) lids
  • swollen hands
  • tumescent tissue
  • puffy tumid flesh

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for turgid

10       25

by Marise

People always tell tragedies by overblowing them
7       9

by ksameer_coep

TURGID= (TURBID and TURGID river). If there is extreme turbidity in the river, then the river must a turgid river(swollen),because it washes away the mud from the bank.
6       4

by smsayem127

Tu(you) r(are) gid (gas+solid=gid) If you are all gas and solid about yourself, the you are POMPOUS
3       16

by tanay

can be read as To+Get+rid of MUD = muddy
2       7

by jahnavi89

Turgid can be thought of opposite of RIGID..i.e.. can be SWOLLEN or DISTENDED
2       0

by Keerti Sekhar Sahoo

'tumid" "turgid" sounds like tumor...which means over blown
1       2


Iceberg(Turg) + in(i) + dialogue(d):- means using bombastic words in speech
1       0

by vocabIsFun

Turgid and Tumid are synonyms which also rhyme.
0       6

by anshulnirvana

TUR(swim)+ID - on ED's day I dont want to swim in water because it is very TURGID
0       6

by userdce

the sea water is turgid.
0       1

by krish007

it's boring as turd
0       1

by ok_2pro

turgid - giddy with gas or tummy
0       0

by shalnew

turgid - adj form of turgor which means vigor and energy - and when used too much it becomes turgid opposite to flaccid
0       0

by shalnew

Associate the G in turgid to Gross (swollen)
0       0

by Mike JN

Sound similar to turn+gas= I'm bloated and I need to turn gas
0       0

by Walkingdictionary

0       1

by Walkingdictionary

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