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Short Definition : changeable; of a quickly changing nature (as of temper); mercurial; tending to violence; evaporating rapidly; Ex. volatile character/situation in the street

(noun) a volatile substance; a substance that changes readily from solid or liquid to a vapor
Example Sentence
  • it was heated to evaporate the volatiles

(adj) evaporating readily at normal temperatures and pressures
Example Sentence
  • volatile oils
  • volatile solvents

(adj) liable to lead to sudden change or violence
Synonyms : explosive
Example Sentence
  • an explosive issue
  • a volatile situation with troops and rioters eager for a confrontation

(adj) marked by erratic changeableness in affections or attachments
Synonyms : fickle
Example Sentence
  • fickle friends
  • a flirt's volatile affections

(adj) tending to vary often or widely
Example Sentence
  • volatile stocks
  • volatile emotions

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for volatile

volatile memory is a computer memory which gets erased when power is turned off, i.e., changed suddenly like RAM, so VOLATILE means Lliable tochange
7       1

by nikhilparasher

Think: Vola (volume)-tile (vile)... The VOLUME of the liquid in the VILE changed quickly into a vapor.
1       1

by KOGrad

Volatile and ethereal...both mean light, delicate.
0       4

by pushpa_edit

volleyball = air ball. Volatile = will be in air in a second . they actually have same roots (volare = fly)
0       0

by roozbeh33


Short Definition : act of using one's will; act of making a conscious choice; Ex. She selected this dress of her own volition.

(noun) the capability of conscious choice and decision and intention
Synonyms : will
Example Sentence
  • the exercise of their volition we construe as revolt

(noun) the act of making a choice
Synonyms : willing
Example Sentence
  • followed my father of my own volition

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for volition

Volition: Voting- Politicion
22       7

by bugmenot

voluntary action
19       2

by ksameer_coep

Remember "violation". It means "act of not complying to one's will" (e.g., harassment etc.,). "volition" sounds pretty much like that but, opposite in meaning.
5       7

by garrulous

Volition (Volley + Shun):Act of making a conscious decision. Volley : Volley Ball Shun : To Stop Concerning his degrading grades Nikhil "MADE A CONSCIOUS DECISION" of holding his participation in VOLLEY BALL MATCHES.
2       9

by r4nj33t

viola i found the right choice in gre question mcqs
2       4

by dr_gauravsuneja

BHOLI भोली(ingenue/gullible) SON has not volition as his parents take all desions.
2       2

by userdce

volition sounds like volatile...n u sud me careful while handaling t volatile materials
2       1

by chanakyabhandari

vOli(P)TION v (we) want options for choosing...that is free will option of chosing
2       1

by bharatinuguri

Volition is to be at one's discretion.
1       3

by pushpa_edit

volichan: it mean choice
1       0

by savvysamrat

0       0

by nancy.yadav


Short Definition : simultaneous discharge of a number of shots; V.

(noun) rapid simultaneous discharge of firearms
Synonyms : burst , fusillade , salvo
Example Sentence
  • our fusillade from the left flank caught them by surprise

(noun) a tennis return made by hitting the ball before it bounces
(verb) be dispersed in a volley
Example Sentence
  • gun shots volleyed at the attackers

(verb) hit before it touches the ground
Example Sentence
  • volley the tennis ball

(verb) discharge in, or as if in, a volley
Example Sentence
  • the attackers volleyed gunshots at the civilians

(verb) make a volley
(verb) utter rapidly
Example Sentence
  • volley a string of curses

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for volley

just like in volley-ball we throw shots at each other..
6       0

by 1.6k

"Vaali", the elder brother of "Sugreeva" could hurl stones at enemies with ease. He volleyed the enemies with stones.
1       5

by garrulous

valley is collection of large no of mountains, so meaning is LARGE NO OF THINGS
0       1

by nikhilparasher


Short Definition : fluent; talkative; glib; N. volubility

(adj) marked by a ready flow of speech
Example Sentence
  • she is an extremely voluble young woman who engages in soliloquies not conversations

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for voluble

Remember "volume" in TV controls. It's related to sound. This voluble is also related to speaking.
34       1

by garrulous

Voluable (talkative) and inconversable (reserved) have opposite meanings.
1       7

by pushpa_edit


Short Definition : having great volume (as of a garment or container); bulky; large

(adj) large in volume or bulk
Example Sentence
  • a voluminous skirt

(adj) marked by repeated turns and bends
Synonyms : tortuous , twisting , twisty , winding
Example Sentence
  • a tortuous road up the mountain
  • winding roads are full of surprises
  • had to steer the car down a twisty track

(adj) large in number or quantity (especially of discourse)
Synonyms : copious
Example Sentence
  • she took copious notes
  • a subject of voluminous legislation

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for voluminous

3       1

by kick_ass

Voluminous (large) and conciseness (brief) are opposites.
0       1

by pushpa_edit


Short Definition : sensual; of or giving sensual pleasure; indulging in sensual pleasures; Ex. voluptuous lines; Ex. voluptuous life of the Romans; N. voluptuary: voluptuous person

(adj) having strong sexual appeal
Synonyms : juicy , luscious , red-hot , toothsome
Example Sentence
  • juicy barmaids
  • a red-hot mama
  • a voluptuous woman
  • a toothsome blonde in a tight dress

(adj) (of a woman's body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves
Example Sentence
  • Hollywood seems full of curvaceous blondes
  • a curvy young woman in a tight dress

(adj) displaying luxury and furnishing gratification to the senses
Example Sentence
  • an epicurean banquet
  • enjoyed a luxurious suite with a crystal chandelier and thick oriental rugs
  • Lucullus spent the remainder of his days in voluptuous magnificence
  • a chinchilla robe of sybaritic lavishness

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for voluptuous

Voluptuous and sensuous have the same sound and meaning.
4       6

by pushpa_edit

voluptuous (vol~ voltage +up+tuous).voltage of a body goes up, after seeing a girl who is VERY BEUATIFUL,or SEXUALLY APPEALING.(some thing that is very beautiful and attracting.. girl/object....)
4       0

by NarenSuri

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