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Short Definition :

(adj) morally pure (especially not having experienced sexual intercourse)
Example Sentence
  • a holy woman innocent and chaste

(adj) pure and simple in design or style
Example Sentence
  • a chaste border of conventionalized flowers

(adj) abstaining from unlawful sexual intercourse
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for chaste

sex CHESTE(to do) it is no more a CHASTE (pure,virgin)
20       2

by gykk4u

sounds like "caste"...caste is always cannot be PURE
17       25

by srnayak17

Sounds like Taste. You Taste the Food if its pure and has no impurities like dirt.
3       3

by vivekharin

Sounds like CHASE and WASTE: Following or CHASING a teen girl who has no ROMANTIC,EROTIC or LOVE MAKING INTEREST is a WASTE of time
3       2

by BNS

the higher caste of hinduism ie., the brahmins went to jungles for yaga and lead a brahmachari life.without having sex..
2       5

by sai dasika

your are just a waste for being chaste till now..
2       0

by shri

in telugu we say chasthey a paani cheyanu means having moral values
2       0


CHASTE:make it cha + taste. it implies that the cha(tea) is tasteful bcoz all the ingredients of it are pure.
1       0

by deepakranamech

you waste your life if u chaste your life (excuse the improper usage, hope this helps)
1       0

by ashpreetbedi

chaste = charity + superior. charities for poor will be lead by mother superior and they are pure and simple
0       5

by arulmozhi

chaste=c+haste(speed)....(see how speedly he was driving....this statement is made by purehearted,modest,sensitive fellow
0       1


imagine a girl who dont had given her chest(chaste),so she is viginal and pure.
0       0

by gdabli

it sounds like chest.the boy who never touched the chest/breast of a girl is really pure
0       0

by Firoza


Short Definition :

(noun) a person with a prejudiced belief in the superiority of his or her own kind
(noun) an extreme bellicose nationalist
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for chauvinist

show over nationalist=Chauvinist(s0-v-nist)
13       9

by sanjeev

sounds like surname chavhan..imagine some guy from chavhan group is very dominant about his group
9       6

by ashay.ut

chauvinist can be related be cheguvera.......who was an extreme belicose nationalist
4       2

by velamajalareddy7

chavuni+istha...thana chavuni deshanki istha anevadu ..really a blindly devoted patriot..
2       0

by amarendar

showynist who shows off.
1       6

by cp.jethani

That MALE Chauvanist Pig, feeling his kind is better than rest! Uski toh...
1       5

by jay_gandhi

1       0

by swap.kamble

remember CHAUVO gurerro from WWE always trying to be superior over others with the help of vickie guurrero(EXCUSEEEEE ME....LOL)
1       0

by sumit_indore


Short Definition :

(adj) of or relating to persons convinced of the superiority of their own gender or kind
(adj) fanatically patriotic


Short Definition :

(adj) having a sweet nature befitting an angel or cherub
Synonyms : angelic , angelical , seraphic , sweet
Example Sentence
  • an angelic smile
  • a cherubic face
  • looking so seraphic when he slept
  • a sweet disposition

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for cherubic

cherubic -> chehra(face) + ruby; ruby is cute looking, so BUBY'S CHEHRA is CHERUBIC.
43       3

by rhasan

Cheru sound like chiru who is like an angel to andra people.
7       8

by lakshmihs

Break it as chera(cheru)+bic, chera is Hindi word for face. So we love those girls whose face is innocent and angelic
3       6

by aditya9984

chru+rubic means whose chehra is rubic(rub like) is an angel.
2       1

by yasha

cherubic = her + u + be. boys ll tell to angelic girls " her(girl) u be mine"
1       3

by arulmozhi

Cher wearing rubies looks cherubic!
0       0

by melstra


Short Definition :

(noun) the use of tricks to deceive someone (usually to extract money from them)
Synonyms : chicane , guile , shenanigan , trickery , wile

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for chicanery

chicanery sounds like shikari who uses means of deception to trick animals into his traps.
67       7

by monicag

(In Hindi Language) chic(young girl0 + Nari(hindi) wat is a difference between chicks n Nari??? chic is DISHONEST BUT ATTRECTIVE AND THEY GENERALLY DECEIVE PEOPLE.
42       13

by marrapu_nikhil

'CHICks' often use their assets as means of deceit to get what they want
11       5

by Kelli0688

Chicnary: Chicni chupdi baatein karne wala will DECEIVE you!
7       0

by rahul1988

yeh chick to naari nikli !! (cheated)
6       0

by arbitrary.contrivance

chicanery= chicken that we love to eat and we can trick on to eat it
5       6

by shilpichopra1982

We need to trick the chickens to get them into the canning factory
5       1

by karenrw

Selling a CHICk, as a CANARY to someone is fraud(=chicanery)
3       0

by shbf

Find the difference between CHARLATAN and CHICANERY.
1       5

by sanjeev

chick aa nai reee (u got decieved ~!)
1       1

by friendofafriend

chicanery - chicken + nari.. nari means FOX.. Foxs uses his tricks to hunt chicken..
0       3

by Manikandan J

Visual a baby chic looking up "trick" in the dictionary.
0       2

by melstra

In order to make chicken we have to chicanery the chicks
0       0

by nikhilparasher

(hindi) sounds like "chinery" a slang used for woman with bad character.
0       0


CHICken transforms into RaY(fish) to DECEIVE the butcher
0       0

by tushk1990

chican(chicken)=>if we want chicken, first we need to catch hen n for that v shoul be tricky...
0       0

by kruz


Short Definition :

(adj) being attentive to women like an ideal knight
Synonyms : gallant , knightly

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for chivalrous

chivalrous is pronounced as SHIVA+LROUS and "Shiva" the god is a symbol of bravery..........
54       8

by daringdavin

CHI-VAL(O)ROUS....knights are valorous or valiant....chivalrous are ideal knighters...
8       6

by bungi

the noun is CHIVALRY which can be referred with CAVALRY.
3       2

by sanjeev

SHE+WELL- someone who tries to make girls well around him.
3       2

by userdce

chivalrous..chi (valour) valour is braveness
2       1

by sai dasika

Sounds like CAVALRY so imagine in a CAVALRY with KNIGHTS ,these KNIGHTS are like SPARTANS who are self restrained and respect women
2       0

by BNS

if u are a scotch lover u might have heard bout chivas regal, people who drink scotch are brave, faithful and full of manners, badey logo key drink hai. chivas(chivalrous)
1       2

by aditya9984

sounds like chew+walrus..a brave warrior can kill the walrus and chew it without being afraid of anything
0       1

by vivekkarumudi

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