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Short Definition :

(noun) a representation of a person (especially in the form of sculpture)
Synonyms : image , simulacrum
Example Sentence
  • the coin bears an effigy of Lincoln
  • the emperor's tomb had his image carved in stone

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for effigy

a fig(ure) y
27       10

by bavanantht

after india knocked out of t20....angry crowd burnt da dummy(effigy) of ms dhoni .....ffig can b thought of figure....
6       17

by lovedeepsingh

e+ ffigy --> ye furgy (misrepresented)
4       7

by surya.jolly

Famous footballer ef"FIGO" do dummy tricks with football...
2       2

by jatinvp

efFIGy... when FIGO moved from Braca to Real his dummies were burnt
1       0

by rajeshrocks25

hE has the FIGure of a GuY
0       1

by karenrw

effigy = ef (effective) + fig (figure)
0       0

by shaktipada


Short Definition :

(noun) audacious (even arrogant) behavior that you have no right to
Example Sentence
  • he despised them for their presumptuousness

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for effrontery

for every discussion he comes to the FRONT and a rude manner.
91       4

by raj.manu19

think she stepped IN FRONT OF ME. How dare she be so bold!
8       8

by takingtheGRE

if u can remember the word effront, it brings to mind the rude soldiers who stand in front of the queen's palace .these people are generally rude .u try to talk to them or scold them,they dont even move ,so wen a person scolded continuosly and if he
5       17

by sriharisharma

think FTV .. and FTV is shameless !!
5       12

by rohitbahl1986

ef+front+ery to provide a front is to give support i.e in a way give resistance which means boldness..
3       7

by ajay_raju

The front of a male peacock displays extreme boldness when attracting a mate.
3       1

by Rodeokinney

affront = insult effront = rude and insulting
2       5

by jay_gandhi

when an effrontery man comes in FRONT of you you will think uff(eff) who is in FRONT of mere(ery)
2       5

by everlasting.puneet

E(bad)+Frontery(habit of coming in front of people).....effrontery
1       5

by nileshdive

front me aake teri to #$%.. shameless .. sabke samne
1       1

by swap.kamble

relate effront to affront which is a rude remark
0       4

by vivekkarumudi


Short Definition :

(adj) conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible
Synonyms : crying , flagrant , glaring , gross , rank
Example Sentence
  • a crying shame
  • an egregious lie
  • flagrant violation of human rights
  • a glaring error
  • gross ineptitude
  • gross injustice
  • rank treachery

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for egregious

scores we get in GRE is outrageously bad (egregious)
10       41

by namaskar

egregious is similer to aggressive.aggressive pepole are very bad in manner.this may help you pepole
10       1

by sumi12344

EGREGIOUS (extremely bad). During one of our stage performance, we made such a huge mistake that people started throwing eggs at us and a rotten 'EGG REACHes US' (sounds like egregious)
9       1

by Administrator

egregious has the word GRE in it. so GRE is notorious in the sense that it 'might' ruin the money we paid for the exam if we dont study properly , which is conspicuously bad and shocking :)
5       5

by chid1989

Kids threw EGGS at my car: JESUS! -- EGGS JESUS!
1       3

by Jackery

a grudge at us is egregious
0       6

by vivekkarumudi

Greg chapel did giri hui egregious mistake (extremely bad) thats y Gir gaya
0       1

by prashant1104

EGregious>>> picking EG sounds like EASY, egregious ones can't be EG to deal with...
0       0

by suraj101

hEEEEEEy Greg has become religious, yes Greg-Religious...Oh my god Greg and Religious? thats Shocking to me...
0       0

by waheedsid


Short Definition :

(noun) (astronomy) the reappearance of a celestial body after an eclipse
Synonyms : emersion

(noun) the becoming visible
Synonyms : emergence , issue
Example Sentence
  • not a day's difference between the emergence of the andrenas and the opening of the willow catkins

(noun) the act of coming (or going) out; becoming apparent
Synonyms : egression , emergence

(verb) come out of
Synonyms : come forth , come out , emerge , go forth , issue
Example Sentence
  • Water issued from the hole in the wall
  • The words seemed to come out by themselves

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for egress

gress- to go________ digress-to stray______ egress- to go out________ ingress- to go in regress is to return to a former state
55       5

by userdce

after giving GRE-U-LEAVE FOR US, EXITING India :(
45       18

by gatz_funky

AAG+DRESS- uski dress ko aag lag gayi and her body became visible/apparent.
4       9

by userdce

the GRASS came out from the soil, which means EGRESS
3       0

by mhassan

looks like "egg" which exits a chickens body
2       3

by PAC001

egress = exit ingress = coming in
2       0

by aroraraman309

agress(agressive) is wen u go in(entrance) to fight ur way. egree is wen u go out(exit) of the given opening....lolz...dont take that seriously..!!!
1       12

by sriharisharma

egre...sounds like AGREE so all the people in party have agreed to move out of the party.
1       11

by preetisoni2411

looks like aggressive, if u r aggressive at a calm party u will be shown exit door
1       2

by abhi_vaj

Sounds like Tigress, A tigress coming out of its hide and becomes apparent, visible
1       0

by sxangel

"The EAGLET's (baby eagle) EGRESS from the EGG was observed only by the EAGLESS (female eagle)."
1       0

by dshefman

egress--> To go out outside to the "grass."
0       0

by Steph90

Gress sounds like DRESS which is apparent to our eyes!e-GRESS easy to view/sight.!like e-shopping!
0       0

by arun valliappan


Short Definition :

(noun) a mournful poem; a lament for the dead
Synonyms : lament

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for elegy

E(a)-LEGY(legendry) if a legendry person dies......people sing a mournful poem or people lament or regret for his death.....
48       14

by preetisoni2411

sounds like eulogy...
12       7

by Yank

basically this is taken from a greek elegos which is a song of mourning .........and we mourn if someone dies
2       8

by preetisoni2411

elegy => clergy. Clergy lives in church => ....
2       17

by pateheo

think of Alizee singing a sad song
2       6

by abhi_vaj

LG ke tv par elegy aa rahi hai
1       7

by 1.6k

Imagine a caterpillar falls on u start an ELEGY bcoz of da ALLERGY
1       4

by deepak.delite

When somebody dies then CLERGY is called to sing a ELEGY
1       1

by userdce

sounds like ee lagi >>> usako lagi toh woh marr gaya... ab marr gaya toh log usake liye Lament gane lage..
1       0

by RajeshBorkar

sounds like "ELI Gaali" so u mourn for that n write a poem :P
1       0

by varuner001

No Body buys LG tv because it only shows ELEGY (Death poems)
0       16

by carora3

elegy= ele (comes) + gy (went); the ppl ho has come one time will surely go from this world this is oing to understand by neighborhood to the dead person son.
0       1

by shaktipada

elegy sounds like ye le ji. in the funeral, as he is going we are saying that take this with u, the song or poem elegy- ye le gy(take this in hindi)
0       0



Short Definition :

(verb) call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses)
Synonyms : arouse , enkindle , evoke , fire , kindle , provoke , raise
Example Sentence
  • arouse pity
  • raise a smile
  • evoke sympathy

(verb) deduce (a principle) or construe (a meaning)
Synonyms : draw out , educe , evoke , extract
Example Sentence
  • We drew out some interesting linguistic data from the native informant

(verb) derive by reason
Example Sentence
  • elicit a solution

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for elicit

implicit - which is understood .. explicit - means specifically told/derived so elicit - explicit
36       14

by diggs_chauhan

implicit-which is understood .. explicit - means specifically told or written.. ELICIT means which is not specifically told or understood but WE HAVE TO DRIVE BY REASONING
12       1

by lebshah

saari baatein poochke ek list banani hai
4       9

by 1.6k

In Kannada Eli means pull so cit sounds like Draw out
3       3

by animator

A-List can be created from extracting(elicit) good things only
3       2

by Nishu22

2       41

by sriharisharma

When scuba diving you don't want to draw out or elicit the Moray EEL from his hiding place as he might bite you.
1       3

by Jackery

0       4

by friendofafriend

elicit = e + lic + it; One lic it one the tube so air is coming out from the tube.
0       1

by shaktipada

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