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Short Definition :

(verb) add details to
(verb) be beautiful to look at
Synonyms : adorn , beautify , deck , decorate , grace
Example Sentence
  • Flowers adorned the tables everywhere

(verb) make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc.
Synonyms : adorn , beautify , decorate , grace , ornament
Example Sentence
  • Decorate the room for the party
  • beautify yourself for the special day

(verb) make more beautiful
Synonyms : beautify , fancify , prettify

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for embellish

emBELLish--we add BELL to the Christmas tress to adorn it
33       3

by narayananrmd

belle is used to describe beautiful girls.. they generally adorn themselves
15       3

by namaskar

concentrate on the middle section of this word - belli (Belly), which is said to be one of the most sexiest part of the female body. So girls usually adorn it (by Belly Ring) to enhance its beauty.
8       0

by meetrahulkhandelwal

emBELLish- BELLY of a girl makes her more beautiful!
2       0

by akshayakshay

Women beautify,enhance their skin by applying different cosmetics , after that their skin BLEMISHES ( to remember embellish)
1       12

by gatz_funky

em"BELLA"ish...if u know twilight movie...bella is so beautiful girl
1       2

by ragzz

a BELLY dancer is beautiful
1       0

by l.k.sandra

think of the priests who come to your house in navratrs with a adorned bull(bell) and ask for money
0       7

by abhi_vaj

Embellish = the food is prepared by gorgeousness Emb (foreign) llish fish.
0       0

by shaktipada


Short Definition :

(verb) decorate with colors
Synonyms : color , colour
Example Sentence
  • color the walls with paint in warm tones

(verb) decorate with heraldic arms
Synonyms : blazon

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for emblazon

connect with blazer-> rich people
7       4

by jay_gandhi

remember AMAZON - warrior women..u can make up the rest :)
4       6

by ArDoR

embla+zon.(jhon) imagine an emblem decorated with colours......
1       5

by preetisoni2411

her ornaments were shining like blaze(em+blaz+on)
1       2

by vinit_wce


Short Definition :

(noun) toiletry consisting of any of various substances in the form of a thick liquid that have a soothing and moisturizing effect when applied to the skin
Synonyms : cream , ointment

(adj) having a softening or soothing effect especially to the skin
Synonyms : demulcent , salving , softening

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for emollient

divide it as e + moll(..mole which is a black spot)+ ient. If we find a black spot on our skin, we quickly start searching for a SOOTHING REMEDY to remove it.
40       5

by kvsharat

break it like e + moll, now moll = mall, so in summer we go to a mall because of its centralized 'AC' for a soothing climate.
12       10

by nishit.mehta

to mollify is to soothify so emollient is to soothe loosers
8       2

by vivekkarumudi

*Harry p fans can understand this better Emollient=e(a)+Molly+ient Molly weasly was very gentle and caring person.SO that trait can be associated wit her.Thus,in times of distress(voldemort's reign),meeting her would be emollient
7       9

by k-electron

e (I) + mol....its the name of the tablet that cures pain....a pain killer
2       4

by mon_m

emollient came from EMULSION. and every cream (soothing) is considered to be an EMULSION
2       0

by mhassan

shE knew that the MaLL would soothe her in the evENT of a breakup with her boyfriends
0       2

by karenrw

yes mall me na tea le.. very soothing
0       3

by swap.kamble


Short Definition :

(adj) marked by foolish or unreasoning fondness
Example Sentence
  • gaga over the rock group's new album
  • he was infatuated with her

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for enamored

Enamor is a famous brand of bras. Who's not "in love" with bras? :P
42       10

by elfascinating

en+AMOR+ed.....focus on middle part amor...AMOUR..MEANS A LOVE AFFAIR.....SO SOMEONE WHO IS ENAMORED...IS IN LOVE.
9       6

by preetisoni2411

enaMOREd..u go on asking more n more if ur in love with it
8       1

by ArDoR

enAMORed remember amorous....moved by sexual love and so enAMORed is IN LOVE
2       0

by sak

1       0

by Jackery

enamored= name + marred i.e. as occurs in hindi movies- uske naam pe mar mituga, so u r in LOVE.
0       0

by manasmodi


Short Definition :

(adj) formally expressing praise
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for encomiastic

comiac looks like comic... a comic character is always praised by children.
48       4


sounds like "Encourage the majesty" ie by praising the majesty
5       0

by varuner001

Encomiastic sounds like "Encore" asking...demanding an encore performance from a rock band is very flattering for the band!
2       1

by doc.kanch

encomiastic: it sounds like economistic/ecnomist: an economist is always a praise worthy because he is the one who saves country with all his skill from inflation.
2       0

by NarenSuri


Short Definition :

(noun) any entry into an area not previously occupied
Synonyms : intrusion , invasion
Example Sentence
  • an invasion of tourists
  • an invasion of locusts

(noun) entry to another's property without right or permission
(noun) influencing strongly
Synonyms : impact , impingement
Example Sentence
  • they resented the impingement of American values on European culture

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for encroachment

Encroach sounds like cockroach when a cockroach enter in ur territory then it annoyed u.
9       2

by sowmen

focus on 'croach' in 'ENCROACHMENT'; croach ~ cockroach; cockroach generally enters into another's house without right or permission
5       0

by m458

en=inside,croach is similar to approach ..hence the meaning
0       3

by sunny-dexter

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