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Short Definition :

(noun) a defamatory or abusive word or phrase
Synonyms : name

(noun) descriptive word or phrase
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for epithet

Concentrate on the latter part of the word, epiTHET (Threat): If someone threatens you, he's going to use abusive words.
19       7

by dushyant

epithet = a + pithet -> a pathetic (person)...pathetic is an adjective.
13       10

by aniruddha_chaudhari

E+PIT+HET~>A PET name that HURTS...
8       1

by gykk4u

api+thittu (telugu) IF a singer is bad, you api (to stop) and then tittu (scold). you give him an epiteth.
2       1

by kingkoti

Concentrate on the word PIT and gives a meaning defamatory.
1       1

by animator

A pathetic person hurls insults at others rather than speaks his truth.
0       5

by Marise

E-PIT(beat)-THAT- that person was pita gaya(beat) and abused too.
0       6

by userdce

Epi(appy)+thet(theft) - Appy ko theft karne par abusive word
0       3

by mahaveerjain

0       0

by Cuteflygon


Short Definition :

(noun) a standard or typical example
Synonyms : image , paradigm , prototype
Example Sentence
  • he is the prototype of good breeding
  • he provided America with an image of the good father

(noun) a brief abstract (as of an article or book)
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for epitome

Epi(EPIC)+tome(TOMB)...there is a EPIC about the TOMB of Mumtaz Mahal (TAJ MAHAL) that it takes nearly 200 years to complete that’s why it’s A PERFECT EXAMPLE of MUGHAL ARCHITECTURE
17       0

by lebshah

epitome,at d end it sounds like TOM-remember tom n jerry r d "perfect example" of EPIc.
8       10

by himanshu88

e+pi+tome: tome is a book, mathematical pi is concise. So epitome = a concise prologue or epilogue of the book. Also means example
3       6

by jk18

epi+tomb(tome)...qutubshahi tombs contain dead bodies of emperors therefore these bodies are EMBODIED into them and these tombs are still in a perfect condition hence they ARE A PERFECT EXAMPLE
2       2

by manasad

a happy home is a perfect example for everyone of living life blissfully.
2       0

by sachinxploro

EPITOME: E+PIT+OME, Don't fall in pit by not doing home work like Rahul(Example)
1       1

by animator

A BIT OF ME - epitome: a standard or typical example
1       0

by Jackery

e(he)+ pito(marna) + me(mujhe).. so usne mujhe mara, it is a 'perfect example' that he is a gunda!
0       4

by avinav

epitome=optimum optimum designs are always epitome
0       0

by bjt1988


Short Definition :

(noun) steadiness of mind under stress
Synonyms : calm , calmness , composure
Example Sentence
  • he accepted their problems with composure and she with equanimity

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for equanimity

EQUAL+ENEMY(ity) Seeeing enemy as a friend i.e., with CALMNESS OF TEMPERAMENT.
4       1

by yashu504

equal mind
3       1

by athanhcong

When meditating, you find equanimity when you find your EQUILIBRIUM.
3       1

by dshefman

1       0

by nag1989

equi + animity >> when one thinks about other creatures as equal to himself, he or she has a great composure of mind and is calm and thoughtful about others..
1       1

by RajeshBorkar

equanimity=equal+enmity; when u see your ENEMY u get angry; so it is necessary for u to maintain EQUAL temper and calmness if you are in public to avoid any outroar
0       0

by agni_s79


Short Definition :

(adj) straying from the right course or from accepted standards
Example Sentence
  • errant youngsters

(adj) uncontrolled motion that is irregular or unpredictable
Example Sentence
  • an errant breeze

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for errant

Same as Aberrant ..
29       6

by gatz_funky

errant=err(error)+ ant = If there is a error in ant plan they were wandering every where
10       1

by rajpt_007

running errands without a plan, and therefore making errors.
4       3

by Marise

errant : wandering split this word as er + ran + t and assume when u make error [like u broke a monitor in college] then tum ran karate rahogo then u will become errant
1       11

by sybarite


Short Definition :

(adj) having or showing profound knowledge
Synonyms : learned
Example Sentence
  • a learned jurist
  • an erudite professor

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for erudite

taken from olden days people who were higly educated were basically very they were having profound knowledge of a subject they use to behave very rudely with less educated or illiterates people.
40       7

by preetisoni2411

18       14

by preetisoni2411

R U DEITY? Are you a deity; deities are gods and know it all.
7       0

by otimuz

erudite has Latin root: eruditus = e + rudis = e + rude(untrained) After training ruder, he becomes an erudite person
5       2

by pateheo

ER (Engineer)-U-di(did)-IT(it)-E ..... you have gr8 knowledge if u becum an engineer.
3       0

by pingu

the letters in the word are E-R-U-D-I-T-E...pull out the letters E-D-U EDU is short for education. Being educated= scholastic, learned and wise.
1       10

by britta

Focus on ERU ... sounds like Hero... heroes usually show profundity in movies
1       1

by samironp

[a+rude+elite]= elits are rude, cos they have erudite skills
1       0

by ehsan.m

HERO+DITE- ppl eating HERO DITE are erudite
0       4

by userdce

sounds like rite... right only a person having profound knowledge knows what is right
0       1


there is a CAT preparation institution called ERUDITE
0       0

by anshul.arb

Think of a person called Dite. He's very well educated, so you listen to him carefully, and you encourage him to speak: "I hear you, Dite!"
0       0

by avner

When you are right, people think you're erudite.
0       0

by sitrios

Ex-Rude. You are no longer rude which means belonging to an early stage of technical development; characterized by simplicity and (often) crudeness. You are now educated and instructed.
0       0

by UNITYLove101


Short Definition :

(verb) avoid and stay away from deliberately; stay clear of
Synonyms : shun

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for eschew

es+CHEW... CHEWING a CHEWINGGUM IS A BAD HABIT while working in an office, so you must avoid this HABIT.
83       2

by preetisoni2411

ppl tend to avoid u..when u have severe cold and u say.."AAAh chuu!!"
24       8

by mon_m

EScape from CHEWing tobacco.
9       1

by userdce

we chew Chewing Gum to avoid Smoking habit
4       1

by carora3

eSCHEW could be thought as "SHOO".. as in shoo away, which is a form of avoiding...
2       0

by naveensabesan

If somebody have just pulled out his tooth then he cannot he would have to ESCHEW (Avoid) chewing...
1       0

by neerad616

Eschew cashew's if you're allergic to nuts!
1       0

by JYahalom

To avoid having to "chew the cud" with her, I shun answering the phone.
0       3

by Marise

es+CHEW - You chew a chewing gum but you HABITUALLY AVOID gulping it.
0       1

by harshsinha18

Ee + shoe - Avoid it. This shoes is very old and torn. avoid using it.
0       0

by sunaysp

Rhymes with Skew- not in a straight direction hence u AVOID whats ahead of you
0       0

by sanara1

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