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Short Definition :

(adj) tending to vanish like vapor
Example Sentence
  • evanescent beauty

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for evanescent

Remember it as "I want scent. Scent evaporates like vapour.
71       2

by Administrator

Vanishing Scent
21       4

by gatz_funky

e-vanescent.. vanescent sounds like vanishing.. hence..
11       3

by muffisoni

EVADE+SCENT....evading scent....
2       2

by nileshdive

Even most persistent sent last only for a little time and then evaporates.
1       2

by anujpathania

Evaporated scent;just like its vapors,disappearing from sight and memory
0       1

by laaptu

Evaporate as Scent
0       1

by am61

0       0

by Jackery


Short Definition :

(verb) give expression to
Synonyms : express , show
Example Sentence
  • She showed her disappointment

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for evince

sounds like evidence which means to show clearly.
86       4

by monicag

to convince u have to evince.
17       2

by sanchit

EVINCE sounds like evidence, this evidence CLEARLY SHOWS that he is guilty
6       0


if evince {pronouncesd as (h)e wins} it is SHOWN CLEARLY in his face
2       9

by imajeeth

remember convince, to convince some first evince (show them clearly the scenario)
2       0

by anshulnirvana

kate vicelet evince that she will marry
2       8

by harneet_9

To convince one must evince (show clearly) the evidence.
1       1

by Marise

Remember VINCE MCMAN from Wrestling? Vince was implicated in the MURDER of eddy guerrero because the vid Evidence SHOWED CLEARLY that he committed it.
1       1

by menon_ranjit

~convince ab convince karne ki liye dihakana to padega hi(show clearly)
0       0

by divij


Short Definition :

(verb) make worse
Synonyms : aggravate , exasperate , worsen
Example Sentence
  • This drug aggravates the pain

(verb) exasperate or irritate
Synonyms : aggravate , exasperate

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for exacerbate

Latin ex+acerb+ate; Latin acerb- means bitter, harsh; So exacerbate means to make bittter, to worsen.
60       10

by jahidmasud

if in an Exam u keep your hand on your head[ie SAR(in hindi)/CER] wil WORSEN your paper...
35       20

by anandalwar

"Ex Her b Ate".. her ex came and ate with her family. which worsen the relation even more.
21       11

by manishrana50

Mr.Ex(x) hit his old acer car with a bat now he worsened the condition of his car
3       6

by cyli

exacerbate:ex wife sara did not cooperate,she made it worse.
3       7


Exacerbate: Ex(Ex means old,like ExGirlFriend)+Acer(Acer Laptop)+Bate(Bat):Just Imagine ur Ex(old)Acer Laptop is not working,so u got angry and bet with a Bat(BATE),then it became more worsen,completely worsen.....ExAcerBate
2       0

by misc

Exacerbate=Ex(Extra)+ Acerbate(make worse),,so worsen
1       3

by somabrata

Exacerbate also means irritate means exasperate....hence Exacerbate= Exasperate...
1       4

by nileshdive

ex:excess acer:similar like acid; so excess acid means worst
1       2

by laaptu

sounds extra + bate(beat) >>> as he bated him too much, it worsened his condition and he is in ICU now..
1       1

by RajeshBorkar

He made everything worse by chopping her head off: AXED HER PATE
1       1

by Jackery

ex=>extra + cerb=>service given to make something worse.
1       1

by suraj101

Extra Masturbate= worsen the condition of body. One feel lot of weakness after that.
1       0

by piyush gupta

exacerbate = ex + acer = too + sharp(Greek) -> not good
0       6

by pateheo

ex+acerb+ate; imagine 'ex' from expand and acerb- means bitter, harsh; So exacerbate means to expand the bitterness so as to worsen.
0       2

by jinnie

Exam sir pe baithi hain aur beta khana nahi khara raha hain.. kyunki bemar hain..
0       1

by swap.kamble

when he (ate) an (ex)pired medicine, it worsened the fever.
0       1

by bubbleGum

EX - AKAR (acer)- BAITHA (bate)- so wen u r in park baju me ex akar baitha so it made things worse
0       0

by tushk1990


Short Definition :

(verb) exasperate or irritate
Synonyms : aggravate , exacerbate

(verb) make furious
Synonyms : incense , infuriate

(verb) make worse
Synonyms : aggravate , exacerbate , worsen
Example Sentence
  • This drug aggravates the pain

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for exasperate

exasperate(excess + parade)=hence u r ill and if u r asked to parade excess u will annoy and become angry as it may worsen your health condition
14       0

by sachinism

EXASPERATE ~ x + separate; if you are going to irritate your wife frequently, she may separate from you and will be called as your x-wife.
11       0

by amitarora

exasperate = expired aspirin + ate- I ate expired aspirin which worsened my health
9       3

by sat_jag

EXASPERATE... ASPER (ASPIRIN) + ATE.... I ate an aspirin to get over my exasperation.
3       4

by pushpa_edit

exasperate= extras appu ra... you will get irritated with the extras then you will cry out extras appu ra..
2       0

by saker

when you r exasperated, you shout mujhe separate chod do
0       0

by bansalgaurav28

in our indian kitchen we use EXAST FAN to move out hot air.and EXASperate means to make some body hot or annoyed.
0       0

by gdabli

exasperate = extra + seperate: seperate the extra carrier signal signal to get the orginal one
0       0

by shaktipada


Short Definition :

(verb) express strong disapproval of
Synonyms : condemn , decry , objurgate , reprobate
Example Sentence
  • We condemn the racism in South Africa
  • These ideas were reprobated

(verb) tear or wear off the skin or make sore by abrading
Synonyms : chafe
Example Sentence
  • This leash chafes the dog's neck

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for excoriate

Examiner (EX-) ne meri kori (cori)(in hindi blank) answer sheets ko dekh ke mujhe bahut harsh remarks diye.
29       32

by sagacious_kartik

excoriate(sounds like ex-koriate) koreans are chinese and they are good in fighting and tend to rip the skin off ( a korean ate you !)so being very severe!
24       10

by Sinduja

If you excrete on somebody, you will get excoriated.
13       15

by subhasish

split it as ex + coria + ate... so spell coria as korea now koreans are harsh and they will strip your skin off
3       11

by ramya1987

excoriate rhymes with EXFOLIATE which means to remove (dead) in a way it is to ABRADE or FLAY
3       2

by joeytrib

x-core hate -> hardcore hate
3       0

by atav

ex+co(ko)+ri(re)+ate (attend) karro...u break up with ur present gal friend since ur ex-gf creates a conflict between u u attend ur ex-gal and scold her bitterly...excoriate her
2       23

by mon_m

Corriagated cardboard has deep holes in it, which is what one does to someone when they harshly denounce, or vituperate, them.
2       3

by Marise

AXE+CORIATE....jab teacher ne meri cori book dekhi toh unhone axe se usko excoriate kiya....
2       0

by nileshdive

ex+cori+ate= your ex cori ate you with her criticism and wanted to rip off your skin bc she was so mad
1       6

by PAC001

Ex gori gfs will always have bad opinion on you...
1       2


1       3

by aman_ali_786

ex-(express)-core(h)ate express core hate by berate or vituperating someone
1       0

by sainathreddy92

ex(OLD)+cori(korean)+ate-->old koreans used to eat human by "tearing and wearing off their skin" there is "strong disapproval" for this custom...
0       2

by rahulbest

0       2

by amol84

Apni EX ko kaise rate karoge? - critize hi karoge
0       0

by gagandeep1


Short Definition :

(verb) pronounce not guilty of criminal charges
Synonyms : acquit , assoil , clear , discharge , exonerate
Example Sentence
  • The suspect was cleared of the murder charges

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for exculpate

exculpate sounds like ex-culprit = culprit...but now he has been cleared of the charges.
122       1

by kruthika

ex(expert)+culpate(culprit) expert culprit are always clear from blame ,,
2       3

by somabrata

Honor the culprit by exonerating and exculpating
2       0

by sandeshgum

When the accused is deemed an ex-culprit / Once a jury of peers votes to exculpate, / The court of law issues a formal writ, / Evidence of the verdict to vindicate.
1       0

by thebookie3

culpable is blame.exculpate is removing the blame
1       0

by berkeley

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