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Short Definition :

(noun) someone motivated by desires for sensual pleasures
Synonyms : pagan , pleasure seeker

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for hedonist

hey..don... is.. hedonist...don enjoys all the pleasures of life so he believes in pleasure as the aim of life
36       6

by vevin1986

hedonist="He"(reference to God)+"Don't" +"Exist"->someone who doesn't believe in the existence of God and is only interested in the pleasures as the sole aimof life
2       0

by melancholica

I dont heed GOd.
1       13

by rakei

hedonist = head + on + his; i.e. some one taking pleasure by putting head on his arm.
1       0

by shaktipada


Short Definition :

(noun) the dominance or leadership of one social group or nation over others
Example Sentence
  • the hegemony of a single member state is not incompatible with a genuine confederation
  • to say they have priority is not to say they have complete hegemony
  • the consolidation of the United States' hegemony over a new international economic system

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for hegemony

hegemony:he's got money,so he's domineering in the society and he control others.
56       1


hegemony sounds like he-germany. Germany's hegemony over Belgium was the spark of the WWI
45       13

by town2020

hege(to have in punjabi)+ mony(sounds like MONEY)....a nation which has money is powerful and wealthy nations always dominate the poorer nations.
19       9

by preetisoni2411

can b taken as "huge money".if someone has huge money they ll naturally dominate others..
8       4

by astepahead87

HUGE+MONEY....countries having huge money always dominate
6       1

by nileshdive

Hegemony - 'he' who has 'gem'(gems, jewels)and mony (money) has 'dominance' over others
2       2

by carbonmonoxide

h-ege(egg)-mony(money)-if u hav an egg n lots of money in front of you n u r told to choose one...definitely u'll take money dominates the egg...
1       16


hegemony - heg (beg) mony (money) ... when a poor country begs for money to a rich country ... the rich country starts dominating w.r.t terms, relations and other issues ,on the poor country ...
1       7

by khushi5

hegemony~he+germany(gemony)..the person who came from germany will try to dominate the indians..
1       0

by pramodkalvala

Some rowdy asking hey ji Money kahan hai??
0       6

by vivekharin

HEGEMONY = he + ge + mony; he is the ge (general electric) money so he dominates other ppls in the company.
0       0

by shaktipada

Age + money - Normally, rich & elderly people will possess leadership and dominance over their group & family
0       0

by ganbab89


Short Definition :

(noun) an interruption in the intensity or amount of something
(noun) a missing piece (as a gap in a manuscript)
(noun) a natural opening or perforation through a bone or a membranous structure
Synonyms : foramen

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for hiatus

split it as HI+AT+US.....if anyone says 'Hi' on the way, we will definitely stop for a while.
106       3

by imajeeth

anyone who says HI AT US its definately after a long gap...and we pause to meet dat person..
7       7

by shubhamdutta

Hi + at + us >>> if someone says Hi to us, then we take a gap from our work and chat with that person...
1       2

by RajeshBorkar

Hiatus = we had taken a break at hiat hotel.
0       0

by shaktipada


Short Definition :

(adj) having or covered with hair
Synonyms : haired , hairy
Example Sentence
  • Jacob was a hairy man
  • a hairy caterpillar

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for hirsute

some one who wears a hir(hair)+sute(suit) someone who wears a suit of hairs to look like jamvant( a hindu mythological character)...who was very hairy)...
36       4

by preetisoni2411

hirsute : hair suit...natural hair suit by body hair.(hairy)
17       1


when he took off HER(girlfreind's) SUIT... he was shocked to see her body was covered with hairs... and ran away LOL...
9       1

by NikhilAgl

Choti's hirsute tummy at friends wedding compelled me to msg her askin her to shave it off
2       1

by Rashmita

Almost sounds like hippies who have lots of shaggy hair.
0       14

by Marise


Short Definition :

(adj) showing characteristics of age, especially having grey or white hair
Example Sentence
  • whose beard with age is hoar
  • nodded his hoary head

(adj) ancient
Synonyms : rusty
Example Sentence
  • hoary jokes

(adj) covered with fine whitish hairs or down
Synonyms : canescent

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for hoary

Hoary or Hairy (white here).
22       6

by userdce

since old, obviously old with white hair; white with age
10       1

by sanzie

"hoary" "hoary" -- like the hindu old men pray "hori hori" -- their hair become white with age ,,
5       4

by somabrata

tumhare hair white ho-rai(hoary) hai due to old age... use L'Oreal...
2       3

by NikhilAgl

HOARY -> HAIRY -> grey HAIR = OLD.
1       1

by dshefman

Read it as "whory" they are horny and hairy :-/
1       3

by jazzy

Hoary = Old Harry
0       0

by Appy

Hoary = hoa (becomes) + r (red) + y (yellow); becomes red & yellow i.e gray like color.
0       0

by shaktipada


Short Definition :

(adj) giving strong encouragement
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for hortatory

While ploughing farms with bullocks, farmers say "HUR HUR ;HORT HORT" to encourage bullocks to move ahead. This is HORTATORY.
87       2

by sanjeev

HORTatory and exHORTive both mean encouraging...
10       3

by sramachandran

A hot(HORT) gal looking for a hot guy( means encouraging him to accompany her)
2       7

by kirthikian

heart+atory =encouraging
2       2


hortatory sounds somewhat like arbitrary ; sentence - No body encourages you to take arbitrary decisions..but asks to think twice before taking a decision !
1       9

by khushi5

sounds like rotatory as is go on rotating the wheel of enthusiasm to produce result
1       3

by satishx

hortatory- sounds like "whore", so if u see a whore u r obviously URGED and ENCOURAGED!! ;)
1       3

by manasmodi

1       2

by danishkhan85

Hurt at every sec !!! so need encouragement
0       2

by sashi

Help Or Run Teach A Teacher Or Recognize yourself.
0       1

by gegan5

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