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Short Definition :

(adj) impossible to surmount
Synonyms : insurmountable

(adj) incapable of being surmounted or excelled
Synonyms : unconquerable
Example Sentence
  • insuperable odds
  • insuperable heroes

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for insuperable

20       4

by dpsdce

the root SUPER reminds us of superman, who is unbeatable
13       0

by jahnavi89

Insuperable has IN, SUPER, ABLE in it. IN means 'not', SUPER means 'over'(root). If you are NOT ABLE to get OVER something, it's insuperable.
4       1

by mnemondemon

if you go IN SUPERmans costume in the fancy dress compition..then u will be ABLE to command respect amongst children as they shall treat you as INSURMOUNTABLE=UNBEATABLE....:D..
1       0

by verbal800


Short Definition :

(noun) someone who intrudes on the privacy or property of another without permission
Synonyms : intruder , trespasser

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for interloper

INTER (between) + LOAFER (idiot) = a loafer tries to INTRUDE in other's affairs.
12       3

by findktk

inter(enter) loper(lopal = inside in telgu) so if u enter inside without permission u r an intruder
8       2

by hiraditya

inter(internet)+ developer --- they can be the "intruder" of your personal life ,,, by hacking your pc
3       2

by somabrata

2       12

by preetisoni2411

INTER(interfere)+LOBH(lust in marathi) interfere in other people to satisfy your lust for money,position,powerand hence you interlope
1       2

by nileshdive

inter (between or amid) loper (loafer -> wanderer) so a loafer who wanders on to your property is an intruder...
1       0

by NikhilAgl

In cities INTERCEPTORs (vehicles of police) are there to track INTRUDERS.
1       0

by KSahoo

most of us know about INTER MILAN the football club, what if a player named LOPER try to intrude in the team during transfer season... then LOPER is an INTERLOPER
0       4

by fabregas

e-loper is someone who runs away/out without permission. Inter-loper is someone who runs in without permission.
0       2

by coolgal82


Short Definition :

(adj) (of conflict) within a group or organization
Example Sentence
  • an internecine feud among proxy holders

(adj) characterized by bloodshed and carnage for both sides
Example Sentence
  • internecine war

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for internecine

INTER (between) + NE (any) + CINE (sign) = in a relationship, when there is'nt ANY SIGN of love BETWEEN the two, it is MUTUALLY DESTRUCTIVE for the relationship.
32       7

by findktk

Necrophobia =Fear of dead, Necromancy=Magic with dead,Inter-necine=Both of them die.(the fighters)
15       7

by rakei

internecine = intern (new in college) + cine(vaccine)= Any new in college so vaccination programe for destruction of harmful organism
3       0

by rajpt_007

Now a days both INTERNEt + CINEma shows alot of bloodshed...
3       0

by Aps

A combination of the Latin inter- (“among”) and necare (“to kill”), internecine conflicts are full of blood and death
2       0

by omniscient

INTER means to bury in the ground. INTERNECINE necessitates burials.
1       0

by dshefman

Internecine:(Intern-ecine); Two parts: INTERN; & ECINE; Sounds like a combination of INTERNal - mEdiCINE which deals with both the blood & bloody internal organs of the body. Therefore, Internecine connotes bloodshed for both.
1       1

by cheeseqo

INTER(Bury) + KE(ne) + SIGN - Indication that many ppl will get buried because there is a carnage and it's destructive for both the parties.
1       0

by apoorvadubey

no medicne
0       0


Now a days the scene of internet is very destructive
0       0

by bbrave


Short Definition :

(noun) the time between two reigns, governments, etc.
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for interregnum

reg stands for king or kingly styles (e.g. in regicide,regalia etc.) so inter regnum = in between two kings(referring to their ruling period).
15       1

by hiraditya

Inter(Interval)+Regnum (Kingship)-->Interval between kingship, government etc.
3       1

by Saquib

inter + regime
2       1

by mohitkewalramani

he interval between two reigns; any period when a state is left without a ruler
0       3

by preetisoni2411

period of no (inter)fering (reg)ime
0       1

by dancing_shiv


Short Definition :

(verb) fill quickly beyond capacity; as with a liquid
Synonyms : deluge , flood , swamp
Example Sentence
  • the basement was inundated after the storm
  • The images flooded his mind

(verb) fill or cover completely, usually with water
Synonyms : deluge , submerge

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for inundate

I+NUN +DATE....I asked the NUNs for a DATE and i was FLOODED with letters from christian societies for violating the social norms.
73       18

by imajeeth

sounds like "KIRAN DATE" shahrukh ask kkkkkkiran for a date, she replied with flood of ssssslaps...
9       26

by pankajgoyal

1 nun ki itni date hoti hai ki hamesha overflow hoti rehti hai
5       11

by bugmenot

IN+UNDA(egg) ---water filled
3       19

by userdce

an underwear model is always 'flooded' with offers for a date
3       17

by kmr.akhil

3       2

by ragU

in+andey(egg) u find the yoke being covered on all sides by the liquid so it is commpletely filled wiht liquid
1       4

by vivekkarumudi

If I date a nun (lets say nun = virgin for the sake of argument) I will be filled with happiness. Overwhelmed.
1       1

by fanatic

inundate-imagine a nun completely covering her body with the clothes
1       0

by santosh pokhrel

INFINITELY UPDATE - quickly overwhelms your computer
0       0

by atav

inundate = inun (inun means chimney or stove) + date ; If coal are going to burn for a date, there will be more flame from the chimney.
0       0

by shaktipada

ek ladki date pe gayi aur khushi se flooded/overflow ho gayi...:)
0       0

by inundate


Short Definition :

(adj) made tough by habitual exposure
Synonyms : enured , hardened
Example Sentence
  • hardened fishermen
  • a peasant, dark, lean-faced, wind-inured
  • our successors...may be graver, more inured and equable men

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for inured

someone INJURED again and again will become TOUGH
56       6

by findktk

I NU(knew) that RED iron would *harden* when it cools down and after that it would be *accustomed* to further exposures.
20       6

by hiraditya

To become INURED you must have ENDURED.
8       5

by logintel

Someone getting INjURED frequently will get HARDENED and ACCUSTOMED to pain.
4       0

by KSahoo

mens are born INURED..
3       4

by artificialankit

in(in) u(ur) red(red).i am used to seein u in red clothes i.e m accustomed..
2       5

by dennis.thomas219

Whn am In YOu (inured) its hard :P
2       6

by siddharth4484

for the definition: used to accepting something undesirable: "eating rotten food isn't bad - its all "in-ur-'ed". (Cockney English).
1       7

by gardenforhealth

inured = "in" + "ur(your)" + "hard" u hav become hard/tough from inside by habitual exposure
1       3

by Himan

in:inside ;ure: manure or urine; able to live inside manure,adapt to hardship
0       2

by laaptu

in + ur + bed >>> due to regular sex he is now has HARDENED the sill of Fucking...
0       2

by RajeshBorkar

if u become IMMUNE to sth u r INURED
0       2

by melancholica

you ENDURE getting INJURED
0       0

by xsugrbbyxx

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