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Short Definition :

(noun) abusive or venomous language used to express blame or censure or bitter deep-seated ill will
Synonyms : vitriol , vituperation

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for invective

ENVY + ACTIVE or Active jealousy can cause you to ABUSE the other person.
52       5

by Maddy

divide it like..invi+ctive..invi(sounds like envy)+active...well an active envy..who doesnt want to see you sucessful...such a person wil try all ways to bring you down..hence he will use abusive and venomous express his ill will for you
27       4

by preetisoni2411

INVECTIVE(abusive) --> INjECTIVE(causing pain) --> INVECTIVE is INjECTIVE
11       6

by findktk

basically derived from invectus...means to attack with words....
4       10

by preetisoni2411

A VECTOR pointing towards u and abusing.. lolz
4       4

by cheeka449

remember VECTOR transmits germs and causes diseases. so its harmful, painful. similarly invective is a abusive language passed to you which causes pain
3       4

by arulmozhi

injection lagaya ... gali di .. abuse
3       7

by digi123

rhymes with convictive -> konvict -> AKON -> uses abusive language in his songs as I wanna F* you...
3       3

by NikhilAgl

His insult was like the bite of an INSECT.
1       1

by Jackery

Invective = infective languge
1       0

by nic42991

Injurious Verbal Attack to Us=Invectus
0       0

by laaptu

fuck you all ! is invective sentence
0       0



Short Definition :

(verb) complain bitterly
Synonyms : rail

(verb) speak against in an impassioned manner
Synonyms : declaim
Example Sentence
  • he declaimed against the wasteful ways of modern society

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for inveigh

its pronunciation is similar to envy...if u envy someone u *utter invectives* about that person
28       10

by hiraditya

veigh sounds like weigh... a person passionate about their weight would protest and complain if they were overweight
8       4

by risingbluefalcon

INVEIGH -> VEIN. When I get angry and impassioned, the VEINS in my neck enlarge.
4       0

by dshefman

sounds like in+league.. with the same meaning
1       5

by jahnavi89

someone in vain always inveigh (denounce) against others...
1       1

by NikhilAgl

1       3

by dshefman

Inveigh: Veigh sounds like Weigh. In-Veigh (In-Weigh). Weighing in on an issue connotes speaking with passion about/against that issue.
1       1

by cheeseqo

rhymes with dismayed: dismayed with the verbal attack on my character
0       8

by Marise

sounds weigh >>> means in marathi halka bhari dharna.. mhanje takun bolana kunala..
0       0

by RajeshBorkar


Short Definition :

(verb) influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering
Synonyms : blarney , cajole , coax , palaver , sweet-talk , wheedle
Example Sentence
  • He palavered her into going along

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for inveigle

inveigle sounds like in veil. SO something that is concealed by a veil. Outward appearances are sometimes deceptive.
30       20

by k-electron

there's a damsel IN veil(VEIGLE) burkha may be... and u r *urging* her to have a look at her beautiful face but your actual intention is to have a look at something else (*that's your guile*)
15       16

by hiraditya

Inveigle- envy+girl..when u envy her u think of teaching her a lesson by luring her n finaly deceiving her..
11       8

by ArDoR

To inveigle/cajole the beautiful girl in veil to show up her face.
3       3

by vikktest

A Beg-al is invei-gle when he wants some-thing from-you
2       8

by Yank

INVEIGLE: Sounds like two words. INVade and GoaL (INVA-GOAL). Thus, when you Invade someone's Goals; you have Influenced or urged them to do yours/another's by deception or flattery.
2       1

by cheeseqo

sounds like "eagle"... loook at the eagle it is trying to cajole TARZAN
2       6


in way (invei) your gal (gle) tries to lead you astray to buy her a diamond necklace
1       3

by NikhilAgl

inv+eigble....relate inv to invisible ...we can deceive ny one by being invisible...
0       4

by narenkumar

I will let no stranger INto my VEhicLE while I'm having a meal. No one will inveigle my vehicle.
0       3

by memory man

Inveigle sounds like Smeagol, and in LOTR, Gollum/Smeagle is somewhat of an inveigler.
0       0

by nightcrawler

inveigle the invigilator does not let you cheat
0       2

by aroraraman309


Short Definition :

(adj) habitual
Synonyms : chronic
Example Sentence
  • a chronic smoker

(adv) in a habitual and longstanding manner
Synonyms : chronically
Example Sentence
  • smoking chronically

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for inveterate

In this word. we have a root ie.. veter--that have lasted a long time and seem likely to continue. This itself gives an idea of the meaning.
42       7

by Raghav

World war II veterans. veter is a root which means for a long time
17       3

by subhasish

in + veter (water) + ate -> even in water (flood) a deeply rooted tree will stand still...
4       7

by NikhilAgl

Inveterate = in wet(vet) ra tea tagudam...its a habitual, deeply rooted, firmly established thing to have when the climate is wet..
2       2

by saker

He had the habit of collecting information about different animals and he chose to study vet (veterinary) as his professional course.
1       7

by savakarv

invert + rate >>> yane jab koi shopkeeper ya koi bhaji wala rate bolata hai, tab womens ko AADAT(habitual) hoti hai bhaav karne ki
1       1

by RajeshBorkar

Inveterate = In + better + ate; He ated in good manner so he will lasting long.
1       1

by shaktipada

These veteran smokers are inveterate smokers
0       2

by hmpai


Short Definition :

(adj) containing or implying a slight or showing prejudice
Synonyms : discriminatory
Example Sentence
  • discriminatory attitudes and practices
  • invidious comparisons

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for invidious

invi seems like "envy" check the meaning of envy and you will understand the mnemonic
35       7

by Administrator

focus on word in+VIDIO.....when tahalaka showed a VIDIO of few tainted ministers , it ROUSED ILLWILL in the whole country.
21       7

by preetisoni2411

sounds like "hiddeous" to arouse envy or ill will or discriminate against others
4       3

by Marise

INVIDIOUS OR ENVIOUS...creating envy or ill-will among people.
3       2

by pushpa_edit

3       0

by dshefman

INdian videos(vidio) are discriminated in US(us) as they envy Indians
2       1

by Aps

envy + videos >>> show videos provoking envy feeling..
0       0

by RajeshBorkar


Short Definition :

(adj) quickly aroused to anger
Example Sentence
  • a hotheaded commander

(adj) characterized by anger
Synonyms : choleric
Example Sentence
  • a choleric outburst
  • an irascible response

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for irascible

concentrate on rasc- a rascal is one who is irritable, choleric, shor-tempered & hotheaded
58       2

by arvind_4

rascible sounds like "racist able". so, making racist remark can easily anger anyone...
11       8

by spirit

IRASCIBLE > Ira + scrible on the black board, for which the 'irascible'(easily angered, irritable) teacher hit her!
8       10

by avinav

"Ira" is the same root as irate, which means angry or enraged, and "ible," is from the root "able." So an irascible person is easily ABLE to become IRATE.
8       3

by viciousvegetable

Concentrate on the first 3 letters IRA- it is the tax department in US. They irritate you by sending letter with heavy penalty stating you have not filed your taxes. SO it gives anger and irritation
2       0

by dudadudi

The easily "erase-ible" ink made me easily angered. :)
1       3

by abba

If u r often harassed by ur friends, then it may mean dat u hav tendency of getting anger easily.
1       0

by sameersrinivas90

The IRA has made a SCIence of causing people to be irritaBLE and throw temper tantrums.
0       6

by joeyessoe

alms means givings...qualms means misgivings
0       4

by srivatsan

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