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Short Definition :

(adj) not injurious to physical or mental health
(adj) not causing disapproval
Synonyms : unobjectionable
Example Sentence
  • it was an innocuous remark
  • confined himself to innocuous generalities
  • unobjectionable behavior

(adj) lacking intent or capacity to injure
Synonyms : innocent
Example Sentence
  • an innocent prank

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for innocuous

in(not)+nocuous(noxious)........ means not noxious......something which is not noxious is harmless...
87       8

by channu

innocuous ~ innocent
24       4

by pateheo

Although some spiders are POISONOUS, most of them are INNOCUOUS (harmless)
3       1

by hitman009

Nokia+Us- Amongst 'fell' phones, Nokia is the most harmless to Us.
2       7

by pcsjith

He is locked IN the box and he KNOCKS TO US, but we ignore him because he is now harmless.
2       1

by Jackery

INjury NO COw tO US injury is given to us by cow
2       1

by Aps

in + no + c + u + ous >>> means u do not have an eye on us.. so u r not harmful to us..
1       2

by RajeshBorkar

"Innocuous" is closely related, in both origin and meaning, to "innocent"
1       1

by rashik10

Innocuous: ENO (antacid) quon US mein nahi lete log, ye to completely HARMLESS hai.
1       0

by RKA-CE-9910827111-Delhi

Innocuous= I NO KILL US :-)
0       1

by Enigmaticguitar

In-Noc(sounds like Knock "knock the door" to come inside) If someone knocks to come inside then he is harmless. Harmful people just barged in.
0       0

by varun.nayyar


Short Definition :

(noun) an indirect (and usually malicious) implication
Synonyms : insinuation

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for innuendo

INN(loopala)ENDO UNDI...hint lies inside something
24       10

by gykk4u

"The salesman was making innuendos towards our 16 year old daughter" is salesman ne ladki chhedi, INNU UNDE(eggs) maaro.....
14       32

by pankajgoyal

ok this is poor but does the go for a stay in an INN but U END up washing kitchen utensils...what does it imply? you had no money to pay!!
8       28

by ashay.ut

INN(inside)ENDO(inside)something is there inside..usually hint lies inside something
4       2

by gykk4u

another the song IN THE END by Linkin Park, it implies that he has lost something which he had tried so hard to get
3       11

by ashay.ut

innuendo -> i + knew + end... how does one manage to guess the end result?? from the "hints" provided.. thus innuendo means hints..
2       3

by deepster89

in(to, toward) + nuere[to nod.] An indirect or subtle, usually derogatory implication in expression
1       10

by Administrator

IN the END u get Offended
1       7

by 1.6k

INN(shirt ki inn) end doing inn of your shirt because soon you are going to be a beggar...It,s a kind of remark or hint....
1       3

by nileshdive

in+nuen+do--- IN church NUN(nuen) gave me a HINT to DO work(eg: start singing the prayer , ring the bells)
1       2

by nikhilparasher


Short Definition :

(adj) showing curiosity
Example Sentence
  • if someone saw a man climbing a light post they might get inquisitive
  • raised a speculative eyebrow

(adj) inquiring or appearing to inquire
Example Sentence
  • an inquiring look
  • the police are proverbially inquisitive

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for inquisitive

IN+QUIZ+itive, contestents IN a QUIZ are eager for knowledge.
12       0

by findktk

Curiously (INQUI-sitive) Inquiring and (in-QUIS-itive) Questioning
1       1



Short Definition :

(noun) a questioner who is excessively harsh
Synonyms : interrogator

(noun) an official of the ecclesiastical court of the Inquisition
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for inquisitor

INQUISITOR - sounds like in-quiz-itor, so someone in a quiz who asks questions, is a questioner.
13       2

by mayurborgaonkar

INQUISOTOR-one who is INQUISitive, always asks questions , he is a QUESTIONER.
1       1

by imajeeth

The later part rhymes as visitor, usually tend to be harsh & questions a lot in school and colleges hence called 'investigator'.
1       0

by gunjanshah

0       0

by heta


Short Definition :

(adj) detrimental to health
Synonyms : unhealthful , unhealthy

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for insalubrious

salu = healthy (salu for salman khan is very healthy)... insalubrious = not friend of salu... not healthy
31       2

by hiraditya

salu for salman khan is VERY HEALTHY... in(NOT)salubrious who doesn’t have health as that of SALMAN...IS NOT HEALTHY
5       0

by lebshah

compare it to 'Saloon' which is an unhealthy place.
4       10

by rizvi

insALUbrious - rememeber alu (potato).. eating aloo everyday is not good for health
3       0

by LuvMnemonic

using Saulab Sauchalya(public toilet) is not healthy.. hope u get it !!
1       0

by ravichandra444


Short Definition :

(adj) impossible to satisfy
Synonyms : insatiate , unsatiable
Example Sentence
  • an insatiate appetite
  • an insatiable demand for old buildings to restore
  • his passion for work was unsatiable

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for insatiable

in(means not)+satia(ble).satiSFIED..SO someone who is NOT satisfied.
6       3

by preetisoni2411

sate or satiate means to satisfy; therefore IN SATIATE means that can NOT be satisfied!
0       0

by rashik10

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