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bilious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word bilious

(adj) relating to or containing bile
Synonyms : biliary

(adj) suffering from or suggesting a liver disorder or gastric distress
Synonyms : liverish , livery

(adj) irritable as if suffering from indigestion
Synonyms : atrabilious , dyspeptic , liverish

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for bilious

bili-ili-ill..so it resembles ill in bile,ie stomach.
11       4

by sriharisharma

Note that many of the words with roots from body organs mean irritable. Examples: splenetic, spleen, bilious, atrabilious, dyspeptic, livery, and liverish.
5       0

by dshefman

remeber it from biles which is disease of liver; so a person having biles will always be irritated.
3       0

by amitarora

bilious can be compared with bile which is produced by liver.
3       2

by daringdavin

BILE juice is used for digestion...
1       0

by sonali29

LIOUS and be compared to LIVER.means leaver problem,indigestion.
0       0

by gdabli

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