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enervate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word enervate

(verb) weaken mentally or morally
(verb) disturb the composure of
Synonyms : faze , unnerve , unsettle

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for enervate

ENERV(w)asTE whwn you waste you energy you become weak
105       2

by takingtheGRE

break it as e + nerve(nerv) + ate... what happens when our pulse reduces; we WEAKEN.
20       2

by kvsharat

can also be broken as ener(energy) + vate (wait) when energy is waiting somewhere else....you have less energy left in yourself
7       3

by rhythmdivine2k3

enervate ~ evaporate
3       3

by pateheo

E=emergency Nervate=nerves Rushing nerves to the ER is a sign something bad happened...like a stroke..potentially paralyzing , weakening.
2       2

by otimuz

Enervate: ener(ENERGY) + vate(evaporate) Ur energy is evaportaed, so u feel weak
2       0

by bharat3814

2       2

by karenrw

INNER WEIGHT- if your INNER WEIGHT is very high i.e. you are very fat then you get ENERVATED very soon.
1       7

by userdce

assume that ENER=ENERGY VATE=WAIT If You wait for a long time we lose our energy and WEAKEN
0       1

by ysrinivas2k

ener(inner)+vate(weight) : if ur inner wt increases u feel weak....
0       0

by inundate

enervate = energy is being (v) ate by sunlight so he is become weak.
0       1

by shaktipada

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